About Us

The Company

PT. Krexindo Manunggal Putra was established in the year 1997 as a private
company, this company started operation in September 1997, now with 20 employees. Offers products and services in a wide range of
industries like Pneumatic component and system design, Hydraulic system
design and engineering.

PT. Krexindo Manunggal Putra market reputation has earned us as the
Exclusive Distributor for Parker Pneumatic products from USA, Europe, and we
also have distribution rights for Miller, Telepneumatic, Maxam, Climate,
Watts, Sempress, Atlas, Copco, Lucifer,  Schrader Bellows, Skinner, Kuroda,
Wilkerson, Origa, Legris, Taiyo, Hydraulic hose and fittings (Parker Store),
Netter Vibration from Germany.